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Taking Neutral Appointments

If you are not currently taking neutral appointments from Sussex HUA and you are interested in doing so, please contact the Membership Secretary for more information (click here for email address).

Benefits of Sussex HUA Membership


Fully insured to umpire ANY game ANYWHERE in the world.

Rule Changes

Guidance on changes in rules and their interpretations.

Sussex HUA Support

Support with any umpiring issues.

Support with any questions arising from any of your games (a red card for example).

Support for questions about umpiring or where to go next.

Support whether or not you take appointments from us.

Full access to and advice from the Sussex HUA network of umpires and the website.

Active umpires receive regular coaching and assessment.


Advice on the England Hockey Umpire Pathway --- Level 1 is only one step.

Club Umpire (Level 1) Practical Assessment

Free practical assessment to complete the Club Umpire (Assessed) qualification.

Free Membership

Having taken the Club Umpire (Level 1) course, all umpires receive subscription free membership to the end of the season in which they took the course. Additionally under 18 umpires receive subscription free membership until their eighteenth birthday.

To Join Sussex HUA

Simply contact the Membership Secretary (click here for email address).

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Recent News Items
16th November 2017
To Glyn Crees who recently umpired his one hundredth game and to Will Chetwood who will reach the same milestone on the 9th December.

Well done to you both
14th November 2017
Paul Shackman 300 games
On 18 March 2017 Paul umpired his 300th game for the Association since the website was implemented. Congratulations from everyone at Sussex HUA, although a little late!!
22nd October 2017
Congratulations L2 Watching
I am very pleased to be able to announce that Stuart McConachie passed his L2 Assessment watching on
Saturday 7th October .Well done Stuart
6th October 2017
Pre Season Presentation by Jane Binner ...(with link - click here)
The presentation by Jane Binner on September 21st 2017 has now been uploaded to the website. It can be found in the Information and Downloads section or by following the link in this news item.
Rules of Hockey 2017 - misprint in rule 4.2 ...(with link - click here)
The printed rule books issued by England Hockey have missed out an important paragraph in rule 4.2. This is:

Field players
"are permitted to wear throughout a match for medical reasons only a smooth preferably transparent or white but otherwise single coloured face mask which closely fits the ...
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5th October 2017
Umpires being watched
If an umpire is being watched, this will show in each umpire's personal area, as the names of the umpires being watched are underlined. If your name is not underlined you are not being coached or assessed.
4th October 2017
Rules of Hockey from January 2017 - Red cards
The rules of hockey do not give detailed information on the circumstances where a red card should be given. Guidance from England Hockey is available on the website under Information and Downloads, and the FAQs have recently been emailed to all association members and clubs.
25th September 2017
New suggested mileage functionality in expense feedback form
Our website provider, Tex Solutions, has rolled out an excellent new tool to save members time and effort when completing their mileage expense claims for Sussex HUA appointments!
When you enter your expense claim after an appointment, the Sussex HUA web system will suggest the return mileage for ...
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30th May 2017
Head injuries and other serious injuries ...(with link - click here)
We would like to remind all umpires about the correct procedures with regard to head (and other serious) injuries.
In the event of a head (or another serious) injury, the game MUST be stopped immediately so that the player may receive appropriate treatment.
When and where possible and ...
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30th March 2017
Red card question
Do umpires have to award a Red Card when the player has committed two separate, but duplicate, minor offences, where a yellow card was awarded for the first offence?
Yes. This is in accordance with FIH Rules of Hockey (see Section 14 in the Playing the game– Personal penalties and Section ...
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